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LAKELAND is one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in the United States. We understand the needs of our principals and are committed to sustainable growth and expansion.


ABOUT US: We are located in Billings, Montana and service the states of Montana, Wyoming, and the western parts of North and South Dakota.  Established in 1997, we believe in the traditional values of integrity, service and relationships.

​OUR TEAM: We are fully staffed with management a dedicated sales force of four knowledgeable and experienced professionals.   We work closely with the distributor’s sales force and operators.  In the ever changing industry your sales force needs to constantly be training, demonstrating and offering new ideas and opportunities to the distributors and operators. We have an intimate understanding of our market and its special characteristics which enables us to determine real solutions for customers in our area.


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About our market:

Montana, known as “Big Sky Country”,  COVERS 145,552.43 square miles. for every square mile of land, there is an average of just 6.86 people,  MAKING MONTANA the 48th most densely populated area in the country. WITH Mountain ranges, lakes and national parks in a huge area of outstanding natural beauty, OUR MARKET IS MOSTLY TOURISM-DRIVEN.