About our market: The food industry is a driving force in Missouri’s economy, providing jobs and careers for thousands of residents. In 2014, there were 10,696 eating and drinking places in Missouri. In 2015, Missouri’s restaurants were projected to register $9.6 billion in sales. In 2015, restaurants account for 294,800 jobs in Missouri — 10% of employment in the state. And In 2025 restaurants in Missouri are projected to employ 317,500 people. (7.7% job growth — or 22,700 jobs over 2015).

Our Team:

Lakeland is fully staffed with management, sales representatives, certified culinary professionals, educational / insititutional bid specialists, customer service / sales support personnel and a marketing / advertising department. We service restaurants, hotels, caterers, in-plant feeders, airlines, resorts, casinos, clubs, state agencies, military facilities, public schools, colleges and universities, and hospitals.

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LAKELAND is one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in the United States. We understand the needs of our principals and are committed to sustainable growth and expansion.


ABOUT US: We are dedicated to helping our principals attain full potential on lines in our marketing area.  We shall accomplish our goals by focusing on sales techniques and strategies to push products through our local and national distributors and by pulling products through key end user accounts.We are fully staffed with experienced foodservice sales representatives and we are here to support your sales and marketing goals. When you team up with Lakeland Marketing, you will be working with people who demonstrate integrity, a strong work ethic, product and market knowledge. We believe success is earned by making it happen -- every day.



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